Nothing Unturned

At Stone Office, we are problem-solvers, driven by one key principle: always make the best decisions for our clients. To fulfill the client’s vision, we engage in a collaborative process, gaining a deep understanding of our clients’ needs, goals and issues. At each step of the process - from design and layout, to product selection, logistics and installation, we are fully committed to delivering outstanding solutions.



We Believe That People Matter

This belief is behind everything we do. It inspires our culture, our client relationships and our design decisions. We design for people.

We Believe in Collaboration

We don’t impose solutions on our clients. We believe the best results come from listening, truly understanding what our clients want to accomplish, and working closely with them to bring their vision to life.

We Believe in Doing What’s Right

We always look at each situation from our clients’ perspective and make decisions based on what is best for them.

We Believe Design Matters

Great design isn’t just about aesthetics. We believe that great design is also about creating spaces that reflect your brand and culture, where people can truly enjoy work and where ideas can flourish.

Sixty Years of Service

Stone Office was founded in 1958 as a small family business that sold office machines, equipment and furniture. Today we are a full-service contract furniture dealership, representing some of the top manufacturers in the country and with long-standing clients throughout Pennsylvania and the U.S.


We Believe in Giving Back

Stone Office is deeply grateful to the communities we serve for their support throughout our history.

We are proud to contribute to our area non-profits and community organizations that play such a vital role in assisting those in need and improving the quality of life in our communities.


A Commitment to Exceptional Service

The foundation for our success is anchored in steady leadership that has remained true to our guiding principles throughout our growth. A strict adherence to ethical business practices, a thorough knowledge of the industry, and an unwavering dedication to doing what is best for our clients have guided all of our decisions and fueled our growth

Meet Our Team

TJ Stone
Tel: 570.342.1477 x306
Cell: 570.430.6772

Chris Stone
Cell: 570.840.2701

Jamie Stone
Cell: 570.840.2702

Warehouse Manager
Vicki Krause
Cell: 570.840.2703

Project Manager
Brendan Auth
Tel: 570.342.1477 x303
Cell: 570.947.1339

Senior Interior Designer
Cheryl Melvin Bordo
Tel: 570.342.1477 x304
Cell: 570.650.1645

Client Services Manager
Teresa Musewicz
Tel: 570.342.1477 x301
Fax: 570.344.1339

Lead Installer
Leo Mills
Cell: 570.499.0111

James P. Hogan
Tel: 570.342.1477 x303
Cell: 570.814.6383

Barry Johnson
Tel: 570.342.1477 x303
Cell: 570.241.2765

Jim Goodyear
Cell: 717.448.7808

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